Rehabilitation after injury and reduce pain

  • Reduce pain
  • Move freely without pain
  • Rehabilitate and develop strength after injury
  • Postural assessment and dysfuntion analysi

You may need help having been discharged as 'permanent and stationary' by your physical therapist and need help progressing to the next stage. You may have been seeing a therapist or practitioner for some time, only to be given medical drugs to ease the pain. In which case we can help you. Or have you ever wondered why you develop pain for what seems to be no reason? It is quite possible that your body is structurally out of line. We were built to stack neatly in line from our feet through to our knees, hips, shoulders and head. Many of us, due to our lifestyle such as sitting at a desk all day, or working in one direction all day, such as a supermarket check out person, will develop imbalances.

This can cause pain due to our joints and surrounding tissues being stressed with our body working out of line. Take a bicycle wheel. If it is buckled it will not go along very well. The same applies to our body, and in time muscles get tight or taut and eventually joints can wear out. We will do a full postural assessment to see where you may be out of line, and provide mobilisation, stretching and strengthening exercises to help you get back into balance and relieve pain.