Sports performance

  • Enhance your performance
  • Time effective training
  • The importance of rest and recovery
  • Understand the right food choices for you
  • Strength and conditionning for your sport
  • Body composition
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Eat yourself lean

Whether you are a regular athlete or new to sport a common misconseption is train, train, train, get fitter - isn't that how it works? That is the trap many of us fall into. The strength and fitness is built when you are resting and looking after yourself, after the training! However, still many do not look at the whole fitness picture. Are you eating right for you? We all have a different metabolic make up. We help you make the right food choices and become lean naturally.

Are you hydrated? Your body will develop to the shape you want with correct fuelling, training, rest and recovery. Many sports people overlook the fact that their sport is making their body out of line. Cycling is a good example of this where the position is poor for your posture. Corrective exercises must be done to avoid long term injury, and to make sure that when you are performing, you are operating in as best postural alignement as you can, for optimum power.We need to look at the whole picture to allow you to get every oportunity to perform perfectly! Hydration, fuel, postural alignment, rest and recovery and your mind - look at them all, not just the training!