Peace and Quiet

Just stop for a moment. Spend a minute listening to the birds singing. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Or can’t you hear them for the traffic, the train, life in general? We all must have balance in our lives and few of us feel as if we have time to stop.

Rest and reflection are vital. Time just for you each day is essential even if it is just 10 minutes. Stop.

When we were born we arrived pre programmed to our natural physiological cycle, for the time zone in which we were born, that lasts about 24 hours. The cycles of light and dark affect all living creatures. Remember the solar eclipse in 1999 when birds stopped singing in the middle of the day?

Hence our bodies expect to go to sleep in line with this cycle – the circadian cycle.  Physical repair is programmed to take place between 2200 and 0200 and then psychological repair between 0200 and 0600. If you miss it, the cycle doesn’t wait for you so make sure that you get to bed on time so that you don’t miss out! Have you ever wondered why you still feel tired when you have gone to bed at 0200 and had 10 hours sleep?


Knowing what to eat these days is a mine field, with media attention on different fads each week. We will not give you a fad diet, but a way of eating, without deprivation, and with treats, for life!

Disease can take 10 – 15 years to develop. Just because you are not showing signs of illness does not mean that you are healthy! Our modern hectic lifestyles, processed foods and agricultural chemicals all add stress to our body.

Also, just as you would not put diesel in your most treasured sports car when it was designed to run on petrol, and expect it to run at peak performance, we all have unique metabolism. No single diet works for everyone. The same foods that make your best friend lose weight and feel full of energy might make you fell unhealthy, bloated and lethargic.

I can help you determine which diet will work best for you whether you want to lose weight, improve performance in your sport or simply feel better and happier with yourself – remember happiness comes from within!

Lions don’t eat grass and Giraffes don’t eat meat. That’s how they were designed.

Remember, your body is only as good as the food you put into it. Every second your body manufactures 2,000,000 red blood cells just look at what you ate and drank in the last 24 hours to see what your red blood cells are made of!

Do you think people would be so determined to buy the cheapest food if they realised that within hours of eating it their body was using it to rebuild itself with substandard fuel?


The water we drink should be clean and contain sufficient electrolytes to allow our body to perform to its optimum level.

Humans are composed of about 70% water. One of the water’s chief roles is to maintain a stable environment inside and around our cells, allowing us to acquire sufficient nutrients and aiding in elimination of waste in our cells. Without it, imagine how your gut will stagnate!

Many people do not drink enough for normal hydration. As a guideline, take your body weight in kg and multiply by 0.033 to find out how much water you need to drink in litres each day before adding in considerations for any water lost in exercise.

Unfortunately, human and industrial waste has contaminated most of the fresh water sources in the world. Each day three hundred million gallons of raw or partially treated sewage is discharged around England’s coastline alone.

If you want to go the whole hog, I suggest a whole house filtration system as water is absorbed by your body when you bathe in it, along with chlorine, heavy metals and other water borne toxins. But as a start, and without wishing to get bogged down, please make sure you drink adequate quantities of either filtered water with a pinch of good quality sea salt per litre or bottled water, and check on the label to make sure it is good quality bottled water – you need 300mg dry residue of total dissolved solids. Check on the label and add them together.  If they do not have these amounts simply add a pinch of good quality sea salt.


When we wake up we can decide whether we are going to be happy today or sad today. It’s your choice. Thoughts have a powerful psychological effect on our performance. The mind expresses itself through the nervous system – it is a builder of performance just as eating the right food will allow the body to thrive; feeding the mind with positive and happy thoughts will affect how your body reacts to exercise, stress and everyday activities.

Manage your stress naturally and save energy by helping your body to react to your positive thoughts. The negative ones will just eat into you and wear you out!

Breath a full breath and spend some time in nature in bare feet - try it!

Physical movement

Many of us don’t realise that we have a poor posture. This can be the result of sitting all day, carrying an injury or taking part in a sport that causes us to be dominant on one side or favour an unhealthy position, such as cycling. Untreated or without proper corrective exercise, this will make us out of line and can cause pain.

Imagine a bicycle wheel that is buckled. It will not go round very well. The same applies to your body. We can help you by doing a postural assessment and corrective exercise to ease any associated pain. It will not achieve the results you were looking for if we simply design an exercise program for you without proper analysis, corrective mobilisation, stretching and strengthenning, if you are operating out of line – it will only make things worse. But, think how much more power you can generate when everything is moving freely, without pain in perfect alignment! How much will you save by avoiding constant help to ease those aches and pains caused by bad postural alignment? 

As we get older this becomes more essential as we tend to move less. Don't let age be a barrier! keep moving, and look after your posture, and you will reap the benifits. My oldest client is 88 and still doing exercises every day. This helps her back pain which is eased with movement.

Whether you go for a bike ride or watch TV, use the stairs or the lift, compete in your chosen sport – it’s your choice. So, get straightened out and then we can get cracking to whatever level you need!