Healthy weight control

I look forward to slowly adjusting my life choices and reaping the benefits!
— Pam, Chertsey

I joined Jill's body control programme to get a better understanding of food and healthy weight control. The weekly topics covered many of the different issues that have an impact on our modern lifestyles.

We were able to discuss ways of improving our mental and physical health by being more selective with our food choices and taking part in more appropriate exercise to help with our posture and metabolic rate and, hence, burning more body fat. many of the topins covered were thought provoking and I have found myself taking a greater interest in learning more.

Thorough and detailed reports

Knowledgeable and professional
— Mark, High Wycombe

Jill is very knowledgeable and professional. My assessment was very thorough with a detailed written report of her findings. This I have found extremely helpful to plan my focus for corrective action.

I would recommend Jill to anyone who would like to become aware of their true postural condition and how to work on better health.

Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc

Jill is totally on my wave length
— Claire, Woking

I climbed Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc with relative ease this year thanks to Jills advice with interval and strength training. I am now using this to help me in my triathlons next year.

I find Jill easy to work with and totally on my wave length with her cycle racing experience and would not hesitate to recommend her

London to Paris bike ride

Jill made me feel effervescent about this and confident that I can achieve it.
— Ursula, Chertsey

I started training with Jill for my epic adventure  - the London to Paris bike ride - in honour of my friend, Rob, who recently passed away aged 44 of an unexpected heart attack.

I felt overwhelmed by the inormity of this task as I had not ridden a bike for years and had put on 20 kilos since my days as a professional ballerina. Jill made me feel effervescent about this and confident that I can achieve it.

I feel motivated. Amongst the blood sweat and tears with Jill's gentle nature, yet vigour in training, I know that I can do it! If you have a personal challenge - however large or small - I could not hesitate to reccomend working with Jill any higher. In fact, I feel quite fortunate, and if I were you I would not hesitate! This time next year you will wish you had done it!

If it's been modified or processed - DON'T EAT IT!

I am 2 stone lighter and live a much happier and balanced life.
— Claire, Surrey

Completing the course was life changing for me and a year on I am 2 stone lighter and live a much happier and balanced life. It's easy really, eat real food, drink good water, move a bit and get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature....oh and I've thrown in a bit of meditation too. Eating real food is simple: if it's been modified or processed in any way DON'T eat it. My food shop consists mainly of meat, fish, veg, fruit, nuts, milk, butter, yoghurt, eggs, cheese and butter. It might sound dull but in fact it's quite the opposite, there is such a huge variety to choose from and this has actually led me to become a great cook!!! And I've beaten the food giants too, no more heaving trolleys full of junk food,bad luck Tesco's, I see your profits are down!!!!